didn’t I just do this?

beginning the process of packing up the studio for the move. I have been dreading this. just dreading it. I feel like I just moved into it. which is true now that I think about it. I began building it the year of the fire, 2018. I had it’s blessing ceremony and open house in July 2019. so yeah, I did just do all of this.

I’m glad I built it, because I have wanted too for a decade or so. I doubt I will ever do so again though, lol. I certainly won’t construct it out of old windows. modern windows with double glazing and thermal shielding are great modern improvements. the studio is fun and lovely to look at, but unusable except before 10 am for the entirety of the summer. in winter it is super cold. I can run a heater but the windows are so leaky you can’t really get it to stay warm.

spring and fall, though…it’s a delight to sit out and work. to watch the sunlight swing around the globe, illuminating different parts of the studio. To listen to the birds squabble over food or territory, or just sing out their joy. to sit inside, dry and comfy, while rain beats down…those times have been great. I guess I could see myself building another, but with modern materials.

dust is also an issue, as is ash. it’s odd to consider that ash is problem, but it sure as hell is. it didn’t matter so much 2018 when there were no contents. 2019 was a relatively ash-free year. but this year. this year has been bad. everything out there is covered in a fine layer of ash. or not so fine, in some places. I brought a bunch of the containers and storage bins in and piled them up in the kitchen, to be cleaned and sorted. the next day, after waking, I head to the kitchen to make coffee and it smelled like and old campfire in there. not cool.

I went out yesterday to cut down all my 2ft x 4ft pieces of spectrum, to more manageable sizes. I ended up cleaning about half of the sheets before cutting them. that’ll be a serious chore with the smaller pieces. I think maybe I’ll roll out the compressor and use the air hose to take off most of the grit before I pack. I am not washing every piece. aint nobody got time for dat…four weeks till moving day. good lord. it’s really happening.


~ by kellig on January 3, 2021.

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