Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Side Lite, from Glassmith Studios, A Break in Time 9″ x 32″

One of the things I liked best about the house I bought was the window on the front of the house,  between the garage and the front door. The perfect place for this beautiful window. When the sun comes in the window in the morning, it splashes this image across the carpet. One of my fuzzies, Jadzia, loves to lay on it when it shines on the floor. I guess she likes color too.

love this piece. LOVE IT!!! This is my third piece, and I learned a lot from it. It is also the first pattern that someone said to me “Isn’t that a little more than you can handle?” Talk about waving a red cape in front of a bull…

Northern lights also has the distinction of being the only panel that I have done, that I do not feel could have been improved on. Being an idealist, there is always something that could have been done better, but not with this glass. Someday, I hope to get to Alaska, to see the lights for myself. I have this pattern sized for a front door, too. Wouldn’t that be cool?! It would certainly keep me from slamming the front door.


I ended up doing this piece again, for ArtWalk 2011. I enlarged the pattern, extended the side borders and changed up the foreground layout. This one sized out at 15 x 38, and sold.

Northern Lights 2 LG


7 Responses to “Northern Lights”

  1. that is a great piece.. but then i really like alot of your work. very impressed by it and your patience with the small pieces

    • brian, thank you! the small pieces do drive ya crazy! i try to avoid them now, but sometimes you just cannot get around it, lol. do you do glass?

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous. Did you design it yourself? How big is it?

    • thank you ree,
      it is from a pattern book by Glassmith Studios, A Break in Time, and the piece is 9″x32″. I recently re-did it and enlarged it. I extended one side out so the perspective changed. It is a great piece. Someday I would love to have this as my front door.

  3. Your work is beautiful!

  4. Your first version of this is just stunning in its ability to sooth my mind. I feel transported to a forest.

    • thank you so much Melissa. it is still one of my faves. It hangs in the front window of my house so i can gaze at it daily.

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