the never-ending organization

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I’ve taken a break from glass for a couple days. Had some other things I wanted/needed to accomplish.

I love the studio, but there are some drawbacks. Moisture is an issue. I’d always had my tools on a spinner rack, exposed to the air. since they’ve been in the studio, they’ve rusted quite a bit. Patterns and my drawing paper absorb moisture and curl or get pebbly. its not tan issue when it’s dry, of course, but it absolutely is when it is rainy. and it has been quite rainy over the past two weeks. then there’s the issue of the leaky-ass windows themselves. I really need to seal them all with a bead of silicone on the outside. that’s going to be a looooooong, ongoing chore.


Then there’s the dust. The studio isn’t air tight, by any means. it’s also fairly windy where I live, and now is the especially windy season. whenever it’s time for the cottonwoods to release their fluff, it’s the windy season. mind you, we have like 6 windy seasons. so dust and bits of leaf and bugs and stuff find there way into the studio. every two or three weeks, it needs a good dusting and vacuuming. honestly it’s a pain in the keister.

lastly, it’s the never ending organization. trying to find a good living spot for all the stuff. all the miscellaneous stuff that I’ve collected in connection with this hobby, over the past 15 years. lots of random glass, and beads, and tools, and bits of brass adornments. lead trumpets, and bevels, and jewels. chain, cleaning cloths, assorted chemicals. it’s a fair amount of stuff. slowly, I’m getting it sorted and put away.

this weekend will be split between glass and yard. it’s my birthday weekend, and since shelter in place is still in effect, I’m going to hunker down and indulge. have safe weekend, people, and happy glassing.



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I keep accidentally writing and posting glass stuff in my personal blog. sigh.

glass glass glass. all day. everyday.

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Five weeks have passed since my last post. I was going to try and post daily, but… So it’s 5 weeks on, cruising up to 60 days of shutdown, and I have finally found my groove.

I’ve sold all the completed pieces that I had to sell. I’ve completed 3 small commissions. no, wait…4. I did two small pet memorial pieces and mailed them off. I’m currently working on one commission, and am waiting for a deposit on another. I’ve also got two ‘thank you’ pieces that I’m working on, for people who have been really awesome humans.


It’s been great. I’m not going to lie. once the financial aspect was resolved, it’s been super. I’ve been drawing patterns…(oh wait, 5 commissions. the tree.) which normally I’m scared to do. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. in regards to design, with the next commission piece. it contains a dandelion gone to seed, which you really cannot do in glass, so I’m going to do a wire overlay. the piece I’m working on now contains pine needles, so I’ve got to figure out how to represent that. it’s great stuff.


I’ve been working in organizing the studio, as well. the scrap glass issue needed to be handled. the storage for them was not a smart use of space. I cut off a rolling wire rack to fit under one of the glass storage shelves, and was able to get them all on that. so it rolls under and tucks away. I rehung the doors on the studio so they are hung barn door style now. the weight of the glass, combined with the age of the wood, was too much for a side hang, and they were coming apart at the seams. hanging them along their long board seems to have fixed the issue. I’ve hung up the bug screen now too, and that is helping. next week, I’ll move the other set of doors to the inside track, and hang those screens as well. the bugs at night are ridiculous. I had some sort of freakish termite looking thing whacking me in the face over and over the other night. I don’t like to kill them cuz they are only doing their thing. I finally went inside.


Here’s my chance

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A friend recently post on social media ‘Be careful of how you ask for things…’ implying that my wish for a month off was not yearned for in the right manner, and now we have a pandemic and shelter-in-place orders. I’m refusing to take that on, myself. However it has come about, I now have a month off (longer in fact, as of yesterdays announcement) in which I can work glass on the daily.

so I have been. I finished the mermaid piece. It is the very first purpose-built window for the studio. she turned out wonderfully.

(I’ll have to take a photo later, I only have video)

I cleaned up some paws I hadn’t quite finished, posted them on my fb page, and sold them, yay!! I agreed to a commission of an Oak tree, probably close to a year ago now, and have never quite managed to mentally get behind the idea. with this time frame, I found a pattern I liked and began altering it. I received approval and the deposit from the client, then drove past a gorgeous oak tree in a field, went back and took pictures, came home and completely redesigned the panel.

I did a quickie project, another commission. this one is a cowskull. with dangly feathers. the photos do not do it justice at all. the feathers were quite fun to put together. I’ll do more, but larger, once I’m finished with the tree.


Good times. I need a good audiobook though. I’ve finished one series and am now at a loss. I’ve started two books and just cannot get into them. oh well.

more later. take care out there.

the internet is weird

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I think we have reached the point where the internet becomes self aware, and begins the take-over process. sigh. hello Teledyne Systems.

I’ve written a few posts for this site, but they have published on another of my webpages. which sucks mud. the archives folder only shows posts up to 2016. which is utter bullshit. once I figure out how to move them, I will post links.

the last post was march 2019, as I was building the backyard studio. the studio is mostly done now, just the roof to finish up before the rain starts again (fingers-crossed we have another wet winter). the ice & water shield was delivered yesterday, so now I am only waiting on cooler weather to install. we have had a wonderfully mild summer, maybe 12 days over 100, but it is still no fun climbing up there and working in that heat. this ol’ gal can’t do that anymore.


Here’s my backyard studio. this was the day of my open house for friends. it looks so pretty. I’ll be spending most of today out there, once I have my coffee and write. it was so much more work than I initially thought. moving the glass from the garage and the house was so much more work than I initially thought, lol. that took forever.



one of the best parts is the discovery of all the cool glass you have, that you have forgotten about. now I’m settling in, moving stuff around, getting a feel for working in the space. I had purchased a cool worktable from a friend who was downsizing her fabric business, mainly because I didn’t want to move my existing one. but it isn’t working out and I am going move the existing one. today. that is todays chore.

I should probably get to it. coffee is consumed, time to get dressed and get to work/play. Happy Labor Day everyone.

small done, and a sea change

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smalls are done for artwalk 2014.

sunflower trio closeup


red poppy


ca poppies


brown sunflower_2


the California Poppies is a copied piece, the original artist I cannot track down. For whatever reason, google image search doesn’t work on my computer…


Never say ‘last’.

•February 14, 2016 • 6 Comments

Happy belated New Year, lol. I have been very absent from this page for far too long. Life gets in the way of life, and i was focused on other things. 2015 was an eventful year, full of new experiences, travel and growth. I’m hoping 2016 will be a little less of a rollercoaster, while incorporating some travel and personal growth.

In my glass practice I had one more commission last year, after saying the tree was my last. It was a new twist on a popular piece, Dragonflies in Grass. It needed to fit a 20×30 window, and have a horizontal layout. i like the new orientation quite a bit. i’m thinking of playing with the design for a later project, adding in some other denizens of the insect world; ladybug, preying mantis… that kind of thing.


It was a treat to be able to work on this piece in a large size. Nice big pieces for cutting and grinding, lol.

Here it is in place. Looks great, and it’s so gratifying to be able to see it hung in it’s new home. Thank you ES for the opportunity to create a lovely window for you.

Buy me!!

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This beautiful mammal needs to find a new home with someone. Contact me with a reasonable offer. Can ship. 23.25w x 26.25h. Can ship in time for Christmas, as long as it’s ordered by the 15th. 


and the last commish is done…

•September 28, 2015 • 4 Comments

And today, the final commission is done. Now to take a break for a bit. To work on my own projects. Get some smalls done for Christmas. This one is heading off to Michigan, to grace an upstairs window in a little house in Yspilanti. Bye bye, beautiful tree…


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without further ado…

Champion Bitches, Ms. Lola and Miss Coco

This has been in process for a year, I believe. Possibly more. I began the pattern at the end of last year. The main problem, for me, with patterns, is that I must be in the perfect frame of mind for it. I can’t force it at all. I’ll do some drawing for a time, it’ll be flowing well, and then boom! The creative juices evaporate. It took about 6 weeks to finalize the pattern. And even then, I changed it once I began glass selection.

This piece was derived from the clients’ fave photo of their beloved Corgis, on the bank of the Rogue River in Oregon. The young lady on the left is Lola, my favorite dog in the world. (I’m a cat person, so that’s some heavy, treasonous words to lay down). She’s laying at my feet as I type, waiting semi-patiently for frisbee time.

Have a safe and happy 4th, eat lots of corn on the cob.