Deep dive

Just passed the one month mark, here in Michigan. I spent a bazillion hours on the computer figuring out how to register a business, and apply for my wholesale license, in the state and my county. It’s quite the process. way more involved than getting a new license and registering my vehicle. It has to be done though, to be legit.

The studio is set up, mostly, and I sat down yesterday and began drawings for a couple of commissions, and one that will be for sale. god, it felt good to drop into the zone. I’ve had such a hard time finding the zone through the moving process. I was a little worried that it had taken a permanent vacay, but nope, it’s still there. it was only dormant, like the landscape here.

the space here is 9x 12 maybe, so a bit more than half the size of my previous workspace. fortunately, all the parts seem to be fitting into a space as though preordained. Even Mookie approves of the new digs. I am hoping to purchase an additional grinder, a disc grinder, which will allow me to easily grind straight edges without my habitual bit bite here and there. that will possibly be delayed as the suppliers are reluctant to grant me the account until I have my resale cert in hand. never hurts to ask though, right?

there are a few suppliers to choose from, relatively nearby. Delphi is in Lansing, about 40 miles away. Ed Hoy International is in Chicago, 3 hours away, and another, called Franklin Art Glass, which is in Cincinnati Ohio, at 3.5 hours away. I’ll have to look into the differences between them all. Forty minutes vs 3 hours isn’t a difficult choice, especially with my gas guzzler of a vehicle.

I’m hoping to appear here more regularly as I put more of my time into glass, the making of it and the marketing of it. thanks for coming along for the ride.


~ by kellig on March 12, 2021.

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