SunCatchers & Smalls

Joanne’s Froggy



Who doesn’t like froggies? I whipped this cute little guy out in one evening, surprising myslef. he’s about 8″ wide and a bit taller than that. So cute!

Crosses. Thought I’d try targeted marketing. I sold them all, so it worked. I bought a super cool pattern book with some lovely crosses in it, for this year.

cross fancy green litcross pink 2cross fancy green unlit

purple cross embellished

I stumbled across an amazing glass artisan, on Etsy. Her name is M. Skip Vasquez. She incorporates old glass, textured glass, jewels, bevels, cut pieces from glassware, and gorgeous solder and wire work, into her pieces. She slef published a small volume of her incredible work. It inspired me, and I re-created a few pieces for myself and as gifts.

victorias gift detailGEGE sm 2012 purple sunflower

poppy 1


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