Ganesha, Wren’s

I have waited a very long time, it seems, to be able to put this big guy up on the web. The recipient of the gift couldn’t see it until it was done… she’s a friend and is aware of and participating in all the same social networking sites as i do. I couldn’t post it, really, anywhere on the web. But now it is given over into the hands of his new cherisher (“owner” somehow seems wrong) and I can plaster the photo all over the web:

Lord Ganeshawtmk

Isn’t he gorgeous? I was satisfied with the the reaction to the reveal. There was a high-pitched scream, some squeals, hugs and lots of “OH MY GOD”‘s, that had I been in a motel, I would have banged on the wall. Someone took photos of the joyous moment, I’ll get them up soon. No video though, sorry =)

I was able to try several new, to me, techniques with this one. I have never used the glass beads in such profusion before. A random one here and there, like the center of a flower, but never strung together or stacked up like they are in this piece. This is my first dark background, too. strange but true. I love it. On my monitor, it looks like a deep purple. In reality, when the sun hits it, it flashes a deep, dusky fuschia. Really really pretty.

I also used pre-made facetted jewels, which I haven’t done before. That was interesting. I wish I haad figured out how to get the large jewel for the necklace in the piece, instead of lying on top. The purple is washed out and dull the way it is.

My favorite trick, by far, however, was the addition of the bake-able paint. I was thumbing through the delphi glass catalog one night, looking at the stuff I usually don’t look at: fusing, faux-metal jewelry, etching, glass painting, etc. They had a page with a bunch of glass paints on it, some of them in slim tubes with a fine point. Normally, I bought inexpensive glass paint to do the details I needed, and painted it on with a tiny brush. And you just have to hope it doesn’t come off.

With these paints, you draw it on using the fine needle-nose tip, then bake it in the oven to seal it. The paints are then washable, etc. Score!! That is exactly what I needed!!! I bought a few and took them home to try them out. They work fantastically with two exceptions, easily remedied. One: when you cut the tip, only take a teeny tiny bit off. The first one I cut, I took off what I thought was a small bit and the paint flowed out way too quickly, and the line was much too fat. Two: when you lay down a fat bead of paint, it can bubble in the oven. The test piece that I did with the over-cut tip is the only one that bubbled. Less paint is better. The gold was very thick, the lines didn’t relax into each other, either, the paint didn’t flow easily. All that aside, these things are fantastic!!! The brand is Pebeo, and they come in pots too.

You can see the bubbling in the word “pewter”, and a little bit in the “pearl”, at the poiint where there was a double layer of paint. But like I said, easily fixed. Also, I bought the pewter color thinking it would be perfect for the black patina which, for me, comes out more of a charcoal grey/pewter color. It looked too silvery though, and I will use the black color in the future. The vermeil color worked well with the copper patina.

I used the paint to draw on the eyes, the trunk henna and the scroll detail on the dias.

I traced the glass piece on a piece of paper, drew the design, outlined it with black and then transferred the whole thing to the light table, laid the glass piece over the design and traced it. Let it sit for 24 hours, and then baked it in the toaster over to seal the paint. worked like a charm. The oven didn’t seem to harm the copper foil either… the foil darkened slightly, but didn’t curl up and I had no problems when I went to solder the pieces together.

Really happy with him. I admit… it was hard to hand him over. I am certain I will be doing another one, for myself or another Ganesha fan. Not for a couple years though, lol.


8 Responses to “Ganesha, Wren’s”

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  2. Hi Kelli, my sister and I would like to take on the challenge of reproducing this same stained glass design for our parents. Would you be open to sharing the vector line art with us?…

    • i appreciate the interest, it is a beautiful piece. the pattern is for sale, through me, since it is my original art. i can mail you an 8.5 x 11, to enlarge to your specifications. I can also enlarge the pattern here to the size you need, and send you out 4 copies. let me know if this works for you.

      • Hi Kelli, how much for the original copy? Do you have the artwork available in a soft copy format by any chance?

      • i do not have it on computer in any kind of digital format. early in the drawing process, it was scanned and cleaned up, then i took it to a local enlarger who made a single copy. i refined the pattern at working size, and then made additional copies to cut, use as my blue print and my pattern pieces. i always have one extra copy in case i mess up and need to cut a new pattern piece. the original original art, complete with white out and colored in colored pencils is tacked to my workshop wall. now that i think about it… i can’t send you an 8.5x 11 because i don’t have one, silly me!
        for a single copy $30 mailed in a tube. for each additional copy, it costs me $4 so i would just pass that on to you.

  3. Hi Kelli,
    Your work is fantastic! I would love to purchase the Ganesha Wren pattern – can you please email me at so we can coordinate logistics?

  4. I would like to buy the pattern. Please let me know how to contact you.

  5. How in incredibly talented you are and thank you for the heads up on the paint! Such a beautiful piece and I myself did a Great Barrier Reef window, for a friend and when it was finished felt a sadness to give it away !!
    Thank you for sharing
    Tess 🙏💕

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