Commissioned Work

The most recent piece, a gift for a sister …

jeannes whale 4wtmk

A birthday present for a friends’ husband:

full moon bonsai nat lightwtmk

A christmas commish for a friends fisherman…Mt Shasta in the background.

walker back litwtmk

Kelp & Seahorse  8.5″ x 11″ Commisioned as a gift for a diver/father’s birthday.

seahorse and kelpwtmk


Christmas present for diving enthusiasts:



This piece was commissioned by a High Priestess of a Wiccan coven. Too dang cool. The pattern was taken from the original drawing artwork of one of the coven members. I did alter it slightly, so as to make the soldering work. The full moon is cemented on top of the purple glass, and is white, though that is impossible to tell from this photo. This was one of my earlier pieces and sadly, the solder came apart at the chain on the right, and some of the glass broke. I repaired it and inset it inside a rectangle of clear baroque glass, and framed it in a beautiful wood frame. quite sturdy now, but no photo of the final look.

Coven Piece


Dyllan’s Faery, aka the boob fairy

A neighbor commissioned this as a present for his girlfriend, who loves faeries. The original pattern I came up with was a faery sitting in a crescent moon. I showed it to the guy, for his approval, and he wanted to know where the boobs were. Oh. So I re-drew it. Even though it’s real title is Dyllan’s Faery, it will be forever remembered in my mind as The Boob Faery.



Commissioned for a husband who has everything, MoJo is the beloved dog of said husband. It was a ton of work, most of it in the design of the pattern and sizing, and will probably end up with his own page because of it. Before I even started cutting the pattern, I was thoroughly sick of it. Nonetheless, I am extremely happy with how he turned out. The recipient was too.


This super cute fella was a last minute Christmas gift, commissioned by a co-worker. Busting my fanny, I managed to complete the entire thing in one marathon 5 hour session. He was so cute, I wanted to keep him when I was done.

Lucy and Tori

 I find that dark glass is a complete booger to photograph. someday I’ll have a super awesome, custom photo shop, complete with relective backdrops and lights, big enough to accommodate any piece I make. But for now, my back porch will have to do, lol.


This piece was also a Christmas gift, for a sister, of her adored chocolate labs, Tori and Lucy. They had a swimming pool to play in, and their mom has a lush garden with one of her fave flowers, the sunflower, growing in it, so i incorporated those elements into the pattern.

This kitty was a quickie project, a gift. it is a great example of how light transmission changes the color of the glass.

lesa's cat finishedwtmk

lesa's cat color difference










A piece in Memorium for a friends mother…


RosaLee Ladybugwtmk


A viewer favorite, Dragonflies in Glass got a little bit of an update with the rounded top. Used a came bender for the first time, it was a super fun tool.

moomey illuminated bestwtmk


Another ocean piece for a friend:

P&Q natural light finishedwtmk




4 Responses to “Commissioned Work”

  1. Gotta say – both dog panels on this page are wonderful.

  2. What is the best way to get in touch with you? Interested in talking about a project. Rob Peterson 303.748.5595

  3. Oh! You made my morning again…what delicious inspiration and what beautiful work you do! Blessings and continued inspiration, like the rest of us…wherever one finds INSPIRATION! Patricia

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