Plumeria & Butterfly

butterfly-plumeriaI really like the delicacy of this window. I debated putting a wooden frame around it, but felt it would be too bulky. This is the first piece where I really took advantage of a clear, patterned glass, which unfortunately doesn’t show all that well in the photos. Here’s a better photo of that, I think.

Water glass detail

Water glass detail

I have got to stop doing the the multiple-petal-flower patterns =) The petals and leaves are so dang tedious! And they are just amorphous blobs when being cut and ground, so aren’t as much fun as, say, a swoopy curve to grind.

I tried something new with this one. It is called an overlay. I used it to make the butterfly wing detail. The copper foil comes in a large flat sheet. I traced the pattern of the wings over it, twice, the cut it out with an exacto knife. I then carefully peeled the protective backing off, and laid it over the three pieces of glass that made up the butterfly. It was fairly nerve wracking, but well worth the effort. It took a ton of solder, too.

I haven’t found a home for this piece yet. I think I will put it up on eventually. I have to figure out the whole shipping thing. How to price it so it covers my costs.


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