Progress on the Triptych

I had high hopes that I would be able to take a few weeks off from my day job and concentrate solely on this commission. Alas, that is not what happened. the design process took too long and I didn’t manage my time well, to be frank. My day job was running into some major hurdles and I was in a pattern of start/stop with both projects. apparently, I know longer work well under those conditions. who knew?

Time passed and the design was finalized, glass selected, and I took the patterns to be duplicated. Unfortunately the copies were not a true 100% reproduction and I ended up doing copies by hand. with a 400 pc pattern, it’s tedious. two copies, three patterns. ugh.

but anyway…it’s very exciting to be working on something this large. Three panels, each 2′ x 4′ finished size. The main theme is sunflowers, with a wildflower accent. The client keeps bees, so I’ve worked in a bee and a honeycomb accent in the background. I’ve gotten the middle panel ground and am in the process of foiling. I have piles of this project all over the house =)

Probably, once it is ready for solder, I will take a day off to do that. I’ll need to run up to Delphi for some rebar to put across the back (for stability) and a couple more pieces of framing material. It’s been fantastic to work with all the color… not so much texture, but color. it’ll be up high so texture won’t have as much impact.


~ by kellig on April 14, 2023.

3 Responses to “Progress on the Triptych”

  1. It is looking so great, Kelli. Appreciate the in progress details and pictures.

  2. Beautiful use of the glass flower petals. Love everything about this panel.

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