Dragonflies in Grass

This one is a redo, a commission based on one i had done previously. one of the coolest things about working glass is you can change it up. for this one, i enlarged the pattern, that phobia of small pieces working on me again, lol. i also added in more blades of grass. in the first one, the background glass was a translucent blue, no streakies. i LOVE the switch to the streaky glass, it adds dimension and more subtleties of color. finally, i did the the detail on the wings as an overlay. way way better. i am super satisfied with this version

Dragonflies in flight


12 Responses to “Dragonflies in Grass”

  1. Hey Kelly, this is beautiful!!

  2. Serious inquiry. I would like to purchase.
    Thank you:)

    • hi Barabra, I sent you a private email earlier today. if you do not have it, check your junk or spam file. if you still do not have it, contact me on here again. thanks!!

  3. This is an amazing work of art. So beautiful.

  4. Am interested in possibly purchasing the dragonfly stained glass. Please email me some more info please.

  5. Gorgeous and my husband thinks I can TRY to make something similar…HAH..I’m a beginner, but I am surely inspired…thanks!

  6. Hi, I sent you a note last week. In case you didn’t get it, sent it again today. Love your work! Thank you and have a great day!

  7. Am looking for a dragonfly stained glass or sun catcher for my bathroom. Love this one but would also love to see more. Am seriously interested in purchasing a beautiful piece of art. Wondering if you could incorporate copper. Please email me with info.

  8. Hi Kelli
    I am a primary level art teacher from New Zealand. I am teaching a unit on animals in art. One lesson is about dragonflies. I am also putting together a curriculum to (hopefully one day) sell online. I was wondering if it would be OK for me to use one of your images (Dragonflies in Grass) as an example. I like to ask the artist before I use an image of their work. I would attribute the image to you and link it back to your site.
    Thanks a lot
    Kate Dunn

  9. would also be interested in buying this piece in slightly different dimensions. please email me more info

  10. I love this piece. I would like to buy this pattern if that is possible. Can you tell me the dimensions as well. What is the cost ? Thank you

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