Fish Windsock


I was smitten with this pattern, the moment that I saw it. It is fun and whimsical and made in my favorite colors. The lure was also fun to make; going to The Beadman bead store, poking around for large beads to use. Initially, I made it to try to sell, but liked it so much that I couldn’t part with it when it was finished. But now… it is for sale.

Here’s a photo with front flash, so you can see the eye detail:


and another of the hanging lure:



3 Responses to “Fish Windsock”

  1. Hello, so do love your work. I live in Ukiah…. just started learning to stain glass – teaching myself. I’m no artist – if I don’t have a pattern I’d never do anything. Would love to talk with you – exchange ideas. Talk to you about your soldering. Mine sucks. I’ve actually thrown two pieces in the garbage..
    I’m a 51 year old self-employed bookkeeper. 3 grown kids – 3 grand-kids. would love to talk. Georgia

    • hi georgia,
      thanks for the comments. soldering takes a lot of practice!!! i’ve been working glass for about 5 years now, and just this past year have goten satisfied with the soldering. coouple of tips: flat solder first. that is soldering the pieces together just until the line is flat and level with the piece. someone suggested that i do it with 50/50 first, it melts at a higher temp and is cheaper. do front and back. then go back over it to create the humped solder. you can use the 50/50 for that, or you can use 60/40; it melts at a lower temp, so you won’t get melt throughs, something i had a huge problem with until i tried this method. also crucial is a temperature regulator so you can adjust the heat to your tip. i use a hakko solder iron with an attached regulator. you can get seperate temp regulators that any iron will plug into, though. for me, the investment in the hakko was well worth it, it costs about $150, but if you shop around, you can get one for around $120. if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email again, ok? glasswench

  2. I too am smitten with this pattern! but I can’t find it ANYWHERE!!! Where can I get this pattern??? The book it was originally in is not available.. 😦

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