Hello, I’ve missed you =)

It’s Friday, March 10th, 2023. I think it’s been close to two full years since I wrote anything here. so much has happened… but lets just jump into the present, shall we?

A few months ago I secured a huge commission. Three panels with a sunflower motif, to go into a second story window in a great room. The design process took about a month, and to be honest, I’m still tweaking things here and there.

I had to tack it up on my bedroom wall, it was so long. this is the first go around with the design. it’s really exciting to be working on something so large. those sunflower petals are going to be so quick to bring, lol. there are plenty of tiny pieces, kind of a dismaying number to be frank, and many pieces that’ll need to be cut on the ring saw.

this is closer to the final pattern. I reworked the wildflowers on the lower left panel so they are mixed together instead of standing for a portrait, and I am very pleased with the result of that redesign. I was going to do them one at a time, beginning in the middle, but it turns out that I really need to cut most of it out at the same time. the sunflowers at least. the main color the clients chose is using up all of the sheets I have: 4 2×2′ and 2 16×20. I really hope do not have to purchase additional glass, the irony might be more than I can handle.

I’ve learned a few things from this commission, regarding bidding. More on that later. time to get going on this snowy day.

Be well, enthusiasts!


~ by kellig on March 10, 2023.

2 Responses to “Hello, I’ve missed you =)”

  1. Your design is Fabulous. You can do this and do it well 😍😎😎

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