Lynda’s Butterfly


This was a commission piece; a gift for a birthday. In this particular design I used the flower from one pattern, and the butterfly from another. The recipient’s favorite colors are purple and green, so that is waht I made the butterfly out of. Normally, I try to mimic nature, but creative license is always fun too! This piece measured about 16×20, and had a wooden frame added.


2 Responses to “Lynda’s Butterfly”

  1. Would love to have the pattern to Lynda’s butterfly if you are amenable to selling it. Let me know!

    • karen, i would love to but i can’t, it is not my pattern so it would be unethical of me to sell it. it is a combination of two patterns out of “butterfly” by jillian sawyer. one is the poppy, the other is the swallowtail. it is available at her website or on ebay. she does great work.

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