Some gratification

After posting my Buddha & Lotus piece on Etsy, I had an invitation to be featured on a very cool Blog. The blog\’s writer Wendy Baylis searches the web for cool art, and she liked mine. I checked out her blog ( and was blown away by the art and artists she posts on it. 

I accepted her generous offer immediately.

I am immensely flattered to be sharing the blog with artists like DrBenWu, who does fantastic, detailed Japanese art, in a black and white relief style; CanesGalactica, who does gorgeous, vivid watercolor art; Kozue, who does hand-crafted stamps (I bought the featured Buddha head, had to have it): tashdesigns, beautiful artwork in an ancient style; NamasteSilks, Hand-painted silk items (love the tie!), and : paisleybleu, whose sushi-themed bib is just the cutest thing ever.

I haven\’t had a chance to check out older posts, but it seems to be a treasure trove over Buddha/Asian themed art. Much easier than trolling etsy if you are looking for these specific themes. Great stuff!


~ by kellig on April 11, 2009.

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