Aaaahhhh… published!

A year or so ago, I sent in a photo of Ganesha to Delphi Glass‘s annual contest. Didn’t even get an honorable mention. Looking at the efforts that won awards, or at least recognition is the honorable mention category, I decided that awards were for insecure people looking for fame… or some such shit designed to assuage the crushing loss I felt over not being chosen.

I kind of soured on “award” things for a while. (Honestly though, now that I look back at the winner, the stained glass winners are pretty fabulous. The mosaic winners are beyond belief.)

On a whim, I sent in a photo of Ganesha to another publication, Stained Glass News. And promptly forgot about it.

Stained Glass News is a very cool little paper, free from your local glass retailer. There are all kinds of helpful hints in it, interesting advertisements, and lots and lots of advice from experts. Most of the newsletter is interactive in that people write in questions and experts answer them in the newsletter. Anther thing I like is that each month they picture someone’s home workshop. I have gotten some great ideas from those photos.

A week ago I received an email saying that they needed my mailing address, they were putting my picture in an issue and wanted to mail me a couple copies.

So…abso*frakkin*lutely… cool!!!





... ta-DA!!! there I am, #6.

... ta-DA!!! there I am, #6.

They even spelled my name correctly!!  Total bragging rights, very very excited.


~ by kellig on April 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Aaaahhhh… published!”

  1. How cool…I absolutely love the meraind and dolphin!! Any way you would share the pattern? I would love to make one for my dive buddy (yes, a second expensive hoppy) and yours is the closest to what I envisioned. If not, I understand and will keep looking

  2. Wow! I wish someday I can also be published like that. 🙂

    • helen, just send in a photo of one of your pieces… something that is unique, or has a little something extra in it. see what happens…

    • helen, ok, after checking out your work, i am blown away!! beautiful stuff. you should absolutely send some photos oout to the various glass mags and publications and see if you can get something published. your work is really beautiful, i cannot imagine that they wouldn’t print it. or perhaps try your local paper, see if they have a human interests section, and send a couple photos and a bio. let me know what happens, ok?

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