I did not fall off the end of the Earth

Wow! It’s been a month since I posted here. Sorry. It isn’t that I haven’t been working glass, but rather that time is passing by more swiftly.

I finished two of the pieces I had set up, for Etsy: Dragonflies in Grass, and Lotus.



Dragonflies in Grass

Dragonflies in Grass




I am very happy with both pieces. And someone out there was happy with Lotus, because it sold. Yippee!!! I haven’t made the butterfly and flower piece yet, and probably won’t for a few weeks. I want to do a couple more lotus pieces, and see what happens with them. I went tame on the colors for the original, a frosty white for the blossom and a gorgeous sapphire blue for the background, but now I want to get a little crazy and see what happens. I have a gorgeous speckle glass that i bought from John at Glass Addict when he was closing, full of fiery reds and yellows and oranges, set in an opaque white. I want to try that for the back ground. The trick, of course, is to ensure that the background doesn’t over whelm the blossom, so I need to play with that some more. I would love to use a bold red for the blossom, but don’t know if that will go over well. i’ll lay everything out on the light table and see how it looks.

I was culling trough some of the many many pattern books that I have, trying to thin out the bulk. Not really into the cutsey suncatchers… the bunnies and birds and vegetables. While I was looking, I found a nice simple tulip window, half-fan, that has great lines. It looks like a classic piece from the nineteenth century, and caught my interest, so I have been working on that. Initially I thought I would put it up for sale, but my mom is in raptures over it, so maybe it will go to her for a belated mom’s day gift. Since I wasn’t even in town for that, nor did I get her a present or card. I did give her a hug and tell her that I loved her before I left =) She seemed very pleased with that.

Ok, off to the couch. I am in the mood for a movie. Hoping to catch some Star Trek and Terminator at the big screen this weekend. After I do some serious yard work, that is. My yard is the second-worst looking yard on the block. That’s pretty bad…


~ by kellig on May 23, 2009.

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