Gabriel’s Trumpets with Hummingbirds

On to the next project. Red Bluff is having an Art Walk in November, and I am trying to get a couple of large pieces done by then. A couple friends who own and work at a neighboring day spa have offered to hang some pieces in the spa, during the Art Walk. They have some lovely windows, which I lack in my space, so I am going to take them up on it.

This is the next piece:

in progress gabriel's trumpet full

Doesn’t look like much at this point, but it will be rockin’ when I am done. I am using a pattern out of a book called Stained Glass Classroom. The original pattern doesn’t have the hummingbirds in it, I added them in. I plan on putting this in the window of my front door at The Spa Downstairs. It’s a big window 24×32. The pattern was originally intended as a decoration inside a home, an accent for a doorway from, say, the dining room to the living room. For the purposes of my front door, I didn’t want to have this gigantic piece of glass at the bottom, so decided to break it up. Hummingbirds have lots of little pieces, grrr!

in progress hummer

I am currently in love with the mottled glass I am using for the flowers. A gorgeous white/orange/yellow with some rings. I used it recently in a lotus piece and was so delighted with it, I changed from cranberry to the mottled for the flowers. And honestly, the cranberry glass I have isn’t deep enough in color. I envisioned a deep cranberry, bordering on fuschia, but the cranberry I have is watered down, and the color isn’t consisent, either, it wavers. No good.

I made some other changes to the pattern. The original has a really terrible butterfly hidden in one corner, so out that went. I filled that in with leaves. I also added some umph to s couple of the flowers, at the bottoms. They were a tad puny, and with all the green, they were a bit overwhelmed. Now all the flowers are in full bloom, with exhuberant curling petals. Can’t wait to see it done.

in progress gabriel's trumpet flower

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t sold the kiln. It would be super cool, I think, to put the pieces all together and fire them, fuse them together. Don’t know if you can actually do that, or if it would hold together, but in my mind it works great!

I’ll post more as I go along. Thanks for reading.


~ by kellig on September 14, 2009.

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