Long time no post.

I’m not even sure when the last post was… New Year’s I think. Nuts…

Ok, I went back and read what I had last written. I shipped out the entertainment center door to the lady, insured. Which is a great thing because they broke it. yep. Thank you, UPS. I had packed it really well, too, three inches of foam wrapped around it, double cardboard sandwich. It was tough. The box looked like something was dropped on it, and it punched a hole through and broke one of the pieces. The lady opted not to repair it, just take the cash and use it as it was.

I did a craft fair set up by a local group of ladies who have stuff for sale on etsy.com. it is a local handmade group. I took several small pieces in and had a tiny table. I t was fun, there was a good turnout, and i talked to lots of people.

I ended up getting a commission form that show, a small piece, a pair of hands holding a heart with rainbows coming out of it. It was very sweet, and the client loved it. I haven’t heard back from her, so I hope the person that received it as a present enjoyed it as much as the client did.

I finally got the hummer piece repaired, and installed in the door. the photos don’t look great, the lighting isn’t fantastic from inside, and when I tried to take them fro outside, I just got a bunch of reflection from the outside glass.

la la la la la

I’ll try for better photos another day.

I was glass-project free for a month or so. Did some other organizing and clearing out of stuff. I went through all my pattern books and set aside the books that I am not interested in. I think I might put them up on ebay. I don’t know, maybe try CL first.

Finally decided to do the lampshades for my bedside lamps. I wanted to use a marbled white for the majority of them, and a couple of teals for accents. Turns out that I don’t have any simple white glass. well, no amount large enough to do two four-sided shades. I went to my local glass supplier. They didn’t have anything other than opaque white. Which won’t work… I need light to pass through, I need semi-opaque. And she said they just got in a big glass order, and wouldn’t be ordering anytime soon. Boo.

I went online to Delphi… they are haivng a glass sale. Sweet! I picked out $100 worth and clicked on :shipping charges”. Yikes!!! $80 to box and ship it. Ok, not doing that. The closest glass shop is in Chico, and they specialize in hot glass, kiln glass and beads and that kind of thing. They said they had a small selection of glass for stained glass. I can use kiln-appropriate glass, it all comes in sheets, but it is more expensive because it has stuff in it to facilitate the melting process.

I thought about going to the place I used to go to in Redondo, when I lived in LA. I am heading to LA for work in a couple weeks, and will have some extra time. But then I have to deal with carrying it back on the plane with me. Grrr!!

Ultimately, I found a place in Sacramento. Outside Sac actually, another 20  minutes or so east. They are having a 50% off sale online. I emailed the guy and asked if I could buy it online and pick it up to save shipping and breakage. He said just come on in and hand pick it, as long as you buy 12 sq feet (which is the same as the internet requirement), I’ll give you the half off. That’s fantastic!! I get to select the pieces I want, and save some mooolah. So I will be doing that on my way home form LA/Sac. I might take the long way and swing through chico and check out the one shop there. at least then i would know what they have, and not make a trip that turns out to be a disappointment.

All worked up to do glass and no projects leads to finally getting started on something i promised about 7 months ago. A very good friend turned 40 last year. She loves dragonflies. I decided to give her the gift of a piece of glass art, and let her choose the subject matter. I was positive she would choose dragonflies, and had already begun to design in my head. No sooner were the words out of my mouth, she hollered “GANESH!!!”  My jaw dropped, and crickets could be heard.

Holy balls, Batman!! Ganesh!! This is Ganesh:

wow, not what i had in mind, but a god excuse to do another ganesh, right? i have this cool sgriffito tile that i picked up on Abbott Kinney, of Ganesha. Did a rubbing, cleaned it up and came up with this:

soooo, this will be the basis for her piece. should be interesting. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. I’, going to do the lampshades too, it’ll all be happening together. Ta!


~ by kellig on May 15, 2010.

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