End of Summer

Really must post more often. Got busy though, with life, new jobs, household stuff. Just life, man, you dig? LOL.

Last we met, I was about to begin my lampshade project. I am done with i t now. I only made one. I only plan to make one. I remember, before I started, looking over the pattern page. At the top it has a difficulty scale; 1 through 5. The shade I picked was a 4. I really didn’t see what was so complicated about it; 6 panels, 3 pieces per panel, 6 joiner pieces… how hard could it be? Turns out… It could be really f**king hard. Like a 4 out of 5 level hard. Live and learn, right? It’s pretty though…

One major mistake: didn’t know to take into consideration the width of the lamp harp when planning the size of this project. I just made it a size that looked like it would cover the bulb and that was all. The harp is too wide, so the lamp won’t sit down onto the threaded bolt at the top, the bolt the finial screws on to, which in turn secures the shade to the lamp. <sigh> I ordered little “risers” to fill up the space. The threads on the risers don’t match the threads on the harp. Really ridiculous.

I have decided to abandon this shape. I am going to revert to a basic 4 sided box type lamp shade. same colors, similar design, easier to work with. Once it is on the lamp, I will be just as happy with it. So there. I will probably list this one on etsy or ebay.

I have begun Wrens Ganesha.

It has ended up being quite large… 28×32 or something thereabouts. I need to find a coloring medium which allows me to play with color and then color it in, without saturating the paper with water. The paper I use for pattern making is too thin to stand u to much liquid. I thought about chalk, but I think that would be messy. Maybe I should ask Jake. He has used several types of paint/chalk/pastels. See what he thinks.

This guy is gonna be a blast of color. A blast. The perosn I am doing this for is not like me, color-wise, she’s not subtle, she’s not soft and rainbow-y. She is bold and strong, with a spice of darkness. So… Ganesha will be too. It is actually fun to go wild with strong colors on this. Sapphire blue, pumpkin orangel, vivid yellow, mottled yellow/orange/red, blood-red, dark dark teal, deep, streaky purple, olive green. I have thorwn some light colors in, here and there, for contrast or for edging. The lotus blossoms, of course are a pale pink, the pedestal is irridescent white. I’m undecided on the body color. Or, really, I should say I have changed my mind on the body color. Initially, I had selected a semi-opaque white/grey/pinkish lavender blend for the body. Then I thought maybe it was too pale, and I got excited about an artique glass I saw in a medium grey. But now, looking at the grey, I don’t like it. I think it will be too blah. The starburst background will be a magenta color, really bold and strong. the orginal baody glass will look lovely with it, and the magenta should pull out the deeper tones. Ok, I guess I have talked myslef back into the orignial color.

Still  undecided on the glow. My mom says yellow. The only yellows that I have are vivid, almost nauseatingly so. Not sure how that will look with the magenta background. Or all the gold in the crown. Almost the entire crown in gold colored glass, except for the two largest pieces,which are blood red. I cannot use white for the glow; too close in color to the body. Dunno. I guess I will wait and see.

Patterns are all cut out and pasted to the glass, with the exception of the body and the glow. A lot of different glass colors. The most variety I have used so far, I believe. Can’t wait to see it emerge.


~ by kellig on August 10, 2010.

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