Slow going

Work schedule hasn’t permitted me much time to work on glass, alas. But I squeeze it in here and there. Wren’s Ganesha is coming along very nicely. I can’t post any photos, cuz she reads this and I do not want her to see it before it is done. I’ll have it done by the end of the month, and will meet her in Auburn at Thanksgiving to hand over. Can’t wait to see her face. I hope she craps her pants. LOL! That is the desired response.

I was going through my delphiglass catalog, just looking and I found some glass paints that come in a needle-point applicator, and you bake them to make them permanent. Went to the local Micaels, and yippee! they had them (for $2 less per tube, I might add).

apparently, i cannot include a link here, so go to and type in pebeo vitrea outliners, to see what i am talking about. i drew some designs last night. It needs to cure for 24 hours before baking, so will be able to that tonight. Will let you know how it goes.

Very excited about the possibilites. I need to draw on Ganesha face and the henna design along his trunk. I was also considering using an etching cream to etch my name in the piece, but maybe i will do it with the paint. The etching would be more subtle, though… dunno. Will have to see. I usually do details like creases in arms and hands with the copper foil overlay, but unless it is attached at both ends, it has a tendency to peel up when the solder is applied. With the paints… I could just paint them on. Can’t wait.


~ by kellig on October 5, 2010.

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