I am impatient. I have always owned up to it. Patience is not my thing. The anticipation of a thing builds up, like a tornado or hurricane gaining momentum, until I am ready to explode.

This is the state that I currently find myself in. When it gets bad, like it is now, the desire invades every part of my life. My waking hours, my sleeping hours. Everybody has expereinced it to a certain degree. You should be paying attention to the meeting, but your mind is occupied with your upcoming vacation, or whatever it is you are anticipating.

This time, for me, it is Thanksgiving that I am anticipating. Not because of delicious food, though that is something certainly worthy of anticipation. On that day, I am giving a gift. I am driving down to Auburn to meet a friend and hand over her birthday present; Wren’s Ganesha.

She hasn’t seen it yet. I have sent her teasers. The pattern; a stack of cut glass; a small section of the ground pieces, assembled; a long slice of the completed piece, in mediocre lighting. I can’t post anything until she has seen it. It is driving me nuts!!

Enough to whet her appetite, but not enough to give it all away.

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. I cannot wait for her to see it. She will gasp, she will squeal. I am sincerely hoping that she will crap  her pants, cuz this is the most outstanding piece that I have done. Hands down. He is gorgeous.

Two Weeks and one day to go. Wish me luck.


~ by kellig on November 9, 2010.

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