Christmas pieces done by the skin of my teeth

that is a somewhat disgusting turn of phrase, when you look at it, lol.

Had two pieces for Christmas. The first one was a rehash of my Dragonflies in Grass piece. I made some changes to the pattern; added some additional grass stems, and veining to the wings of the dragonflies.Very pleased with the results:

I covered the wings with flat foil and then drew the lines for the veins with a stylus. Then I used an exacto knife to cut away the open spaces, then foiled the outside. Very happy with the completed piece.

The second piece was for the same client. Piece for her sister, who has 2 chocolate labs. She sent me three camera phone photos (not ideal), and the instructions: “they have a pool in the backyard, with a garden and sunflowers”.

She did add “anything you do will be fine” which is wonderful. Still, I farted around with the pattern for a while, too long really. Finally settled on something. Then had trouble finding true chocolate brown glass. It doesn’t exist. All the dark brown glass I found showed amber with the light through it. You work with what you have though, so I got going, and completed it the night of the 22nd. Whew!

Because of when I completed it, I didn’t have many options for shooting it. Had to do it in the morning, with poor light. And of course I was running late and didn’t have time to get the white back panel in place.

I think I am done with dogs for a while.










Going to spend some time doing pattern work. I have some ideas for an underwater series. Humpback whale, jellyfish and octopus. Then the other day I thought maybe I wuold embrace the local churchy folk and do a religion themed piece. When I was a picture framer, we had a print of a lion and lamb lying down together in a field. it was a gorgeous piece. I think I might duplicate it in a window. Going away for a couple days, a little cabin on the coast. going to drink wine and draw. then back to the real world.

Happy New Year to you all!


~ by kellig on December 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Christmas pieces done by the skin of my teeth”

  1. You made me a duplicate of this exact dragonfly stainglass for me 2 years ago after I saw this one on this website. My mother in laws birthday gift. Now my Aunt wants one too. Can you please contact me when you get a chance.

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