The New Year

What is it about the end of the year that causes it to become so dang frantic?? Those last 6 weeks go by in an ever-increasing blur and bang! its the new year!

More and more consistently, I feel as though I am only hanging on by my fingernails. It’s rather disheartening. That is all the complaining that I am going to do though, lol.

For New Years, i decided to treat myslef to a little getaway. And really, to say that I am treating myslef is not really indicative of what I am doing. I am recharging my batteries. I am going someplace where my every waking second isn’t taken up by somebody needing something from me. I have no idea how people with lots of children, or heck, even one child, do it.

I have rented a little cabin on the coast, in Mendocino. Little town called Albion. Neat little cabin, in a neighborhood, but it is the woods too. the owners are gone, so i will have the whole place to myself. I am bringing only my art supplies, my computer, a couple books, food, and 7 bottles of wine. gonna reacquaint myself with wine. I will be gone for two whole days. cannot wait.

I have had these ideas for patterns spinning around in my head for some time; weeks. I will finally get them on paper. I want to do a humpback whale, jellyfish, and an octopus. I am excited about all of them, but particularly the octopus. I envision masses of long, curling tentacles with suckers on them… in dappled oranges with lavender undertones. maybe do some other sea life in the background. Some coral and fishes, maybe a tiny seahorse or two.

I ‘ve been thinking about a lion and lamb piece too, but that is for another day. I’ll be near the coast, so sea life it is. I’ll post the results soon.


~ by kellig on December 30, 2010.

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