I used to fancy  myself a photographer. I was told, and I believed, that i had an eye for color and composition.

A beautiful day, driving through a little slice of my heaven.

An exquisite late afternoon, listening to the surf clack.

Photographing my glass can be super challenging. on one hand, the digital revolution is nice because it allows instant access to the photo… no waiting to see if your shutter caught gold. For me though, i feel like i don’t use my digital camera to its best advantage. what I see through the viewfinder is never what is represented on the memory card.

I’ll hang a window, it looks fabulous, colors blazing. i take the photo, download it, look at it; the colors on the monitor are not the colors i saw. or the detail is eliminated. its tough.

take Hawaiian Fling, as an example. first photo, first day. good light.

the body of the whale turns out pretty dang dark.

next day, same placing, bit later in the day.

the background gets blown out, but the body of the whale is illuminated a bit more.

haven’t found the perfect light reflector/transmission vehicle yet, lol. the sheet worked well on ganesha v2, but it was blowing like crazy, and i have to do some contorting to get that rigged. having some mobility issues that made me think contorting was not somethign i should be doing. i had put up a shower curtain as a rain shield, on the side porch. it sounds way more trailer-trashy than it is…

i think the sheet softens, or maybe diffuses is a better word, the light, compared to the shower curtain. eventually, i will contort, and get the sheet up, and take more pics. see if there is a difference. See the rest of the pics here.

For now, i am just going to enjoy this whale. imagine the sheer joy of flinging my giant body up out of it’s natural element… splashing down, feeling the shock and tickle of all those air bubbles bursting against my skin. Sounds delightful.


~ by kellig on March 23, 2011.

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