jumpstarting the creative process

hello strangers. i haven’t written in a month. since before my mom passed away. that was a different lifetime, it seems.

been having some difficulty getting the creative juices flowing. on one hand, i wanted to work with glass, wanted those juices flowing, to feel the excitement. on the other, it seemed like blasphemy. i just couldn’t drum up any enthusiasm for my next project. i thought well, do something else, do the fish windsock or a frog… but the taurus in me said nope, the next project is the jellies and i am not bumping it.

plus, i am over thinking the jellies. i had planned to do them, the three, in pink, peach and lavender. wen i got the glass out i just wasn’t moved by the colors. too bland. then i thought go with fuschia. do the caps in fuschia and the trailers in the pink with the white. so i have been farting around with color combinations for a week. the patern is complicated, and i have been having difficulty  making a decision on what color goes where.

i try to do things in a realistic manner. but why? the photos i found have a colored cap with white trailers. boring. tonight i decided to do the trailers in an alternating fucshia/pink… but i still do not love it. i guess i will just let it percolate. maybe i will end up doing just the cap in fucshia, and the rest in the alternating pink and white. it would probably be pretty. gah!!! make up your mind!!!

you cannot force creativity. i know writers say they get writer’s block and they just push through it. but with the glass that isn’t really practical. with writing if you don’t like it, you delete it, your rethink it, and re-write it. with glass… that is a lot of work and glass to try something and then decide you don’t like it. you can do it, but jeez… what a waste.

dunno. need the bug to bite me. and i do not mean a mosquito.


~ by kellig on April 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “jumpstarting the creative process”

  1. sorry to hear about your mother i have always loved stained glass ever since i was painting at a chrucht hat had been converted into a museum of art and they had these stained glass windows that literally were priceless100 year old probably 9 feet high replicas of events from the bible when i saw how the colors were inside i meen it was unbelievable! the owner told me he had many offers in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each one (their was 8) and he turned them all down they were amazing so ever since i saw that amazing vivid color display ive had a huge urge to do my own pieces as a hobby i just quit alcohol and ciggerettes so this would be perfect i just dont know how difficult it is or where to start lol

    • kurt, thank you for the condolences. your story is very similar to mine, in that a cathedral’s windows sparked my interest. it was after seeing the windows in a cathedral in Paris that i took my first class. I took a class at the local community college. check with adult educational services in your area, and local junior collages. also, any retail glass shops in your town would offer classes. the work is not difficult, but it takes time and patience, and an attention to detail. i would strongly urge you to pursue your interest in it. i love working with the glass. i would be happy to answer any questions you have, just email me here at this website. good luck!! glasswench

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