Oi Vey

um. what was i thinking?

tiny pieces. deep into pattern cutting on the jellyfish. what in the name of the baby jesus was i thinking?!?

i counted. there are 80 tiny pieces. 80. tiny. pieces. I haven’t even glued then down yet and i am dreading cutting and grinding them.

had an epiphany on the glass for them though. just sitting at the table, looking out at teh street. had a basket of glass on the table. a couple of amber glue chip pieces were sticking up, taller than the rest. they looked neat, kind of jellyfish-innard-like. i thought i had some in purple… yep. oooh, what is leaning next to the purple glue chip? this glass i thought i would probably never use. it is purple also, though a bit more cranberry than eggplant, and has raised squares all over it. tiny, raised squares. hmmm. held it up to the light, liked the color. held it up next to the fuschia, then the irridy pink… love it!!

because of the texture the pattern has to be affixed to the glass reversed. so i have to redo the 80 pieces i have already cut. <sigh> so, 160 tiny pieces…

it is gonna look bitchin’ though.


~ by kellig on April 28, 2011.

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