Jellies are done!!

This one has seemed like a very long time in the process. Drew the pattern Jan 1-2 on my coastal sabbatical… finished July 19. Certainly one of my more lengthy pieces, especially considering the large tracts of time that i didn’t work on it. there were points where i wondered if it would be done by October, lol!  but it is done and i can move on. I feel like i need to move on to a new piece, and not just becasue October will be here before i know it.

i really need to make a light box for photos. i thought i had a good system figured out, but it relies on natural sunlight, and there is an extremely narrow window where it is perfect. and if it’s gloomy, like today… no dice. something with consistent, strong illumination that doesn’t bleach all the subtle colors out. and will illuminate the strong colors, like the caps on the jellies. the glass is a very vivid , rich magenta, similar to the background on wrens ganesha, and it just does not illuminate well in photos.

This is the last piece that my mom is a part of. She saw the pattern, didn’t like my first color scheme, and then went into the hospital. She was alive to see the humpback completed, but not this one. She loved the pattern… I have moved my glass workshop into her bedroom and at a family members suggestion, when it was finished, held it up for her to see. A lot of emotion in this piece, and the room. not sure if the move was the right decision yet.

I had two pieces ready for the show in october. glued the eyeball on the humpback, finally, today. poor guy… he’s been sightless these past few months. the next piece is a sunflower. I want something bright, and i’ve wanted to do a sunflower for quite some time. i copied the fish windsock pattern again also. that one is so popular, i though it would be a good bet to sell at the show. fingers crossed. and it is simple enough that i could make another, or two, before christmas, if the need arose.



~ by kellig on July 19, 2011.

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