on to the next one. sunflower. from a pattern in Stained Glass News. i had a window placed in there one time, in their reader’s projects section. they sent me  a couple copies of the issue,a nd on the front was a very pretty sunflower piece. finally getting around to it, maybe three years later, lol.

this is the scanned pic from SNG. i changed it around some, as i like to do. i didn’t like the petals at the bottom, i thought they looked all clunky,  and i thicken the stem. i enclosed the upper right also, so it is a solid piece. i farted around with adding in some leaves, but it just didnt’ feel right, so i erased them. i thought i had a finished scan of the pattern, but can’t find it on this puter. i’ll put it up when i find it.

going to use translucent glass, three colors for the petals. a bright yellow pebble, a gold, and a dark gold. i considered getting more of the gold for the majority of the petals, instead of the yellow, but money is tight and i have a ton of glass, i don’t need to buy more, and nobody is gonna notice the difference anyway except me. i am using a confetti glass with black streamers and green confetti for the background. been waiting forever to use that glass. i was terrified that it would be a booger to cut, but it turned out it cut quite nicely.

uroboros has some new glass, a combo of confetti and mottles… quite beautiful. very spendy though.


~ by kellig on July 23, 2011.

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