working my last nerve

Soldering this piece is killing me! I am not the world’s best solder tech,  by far. But by now I have figured out to pretty consistently get a decent solder seam. This piece is kicking my butt though.

I assume it is something out of rights with the iron. Nothing else has changed. I am using Mastercraft solder (supposed to be the best in the biz), same flux, same technique, etc. Iam however, getting some unusual results. My iron tip is cooling off very very quickly, which means i have to wait for it to get back up to temp before i continue. As a result it has taken twice as long as it should have to solder this booger. Plus I’m getting almost constant boiling, which makes no sense, right? if the iron is cooling, why is it boiling and popping?

I did some reading on the web, most of what it says to do there, I am doing. I have never taken my solder tip apart and cleaned it. I clean it while i am working, on a damp sponge, and then using the cleaning block when it gets gunky. One of the articles says i need to tke the whole thing apart, unscrew it, and clean inside. Well shoot. I have never done that. So i will try it when the iron has sufficiently cooled. Other than that… I don’t know.

I could replace it.They aren’t that expensive, surprisingly enough. About $6-10 depending on the width of the tip, plus shipping. I like the 1/8″ tip so that is the $6 model. The issue is the time. I’m going to be done with this piece tomorrow. I was hoping to bang out another fish windsock before the show, which I could totally do if i don’t need to replace the tip. Or maybe a small frog piece.

Look at how bold I am, lol. Wasn’t sure I was going to get this piece done, and now that I am, I’m getting greedy. If I keep the frog piece simple, I could conceivably get both small pieces done. I’ll shoot for it and hope it happens. I also need to check my list and make sure I have everything I need for the actual event. I have a lady from a winery coming on Weds to check out the space. I am hoping she will do a wine tasting, help draw peeps in.

Peter came by today and dropped off the Jellies, for the show. It is lovely to have them back, even if it is only for a short time. They are so dang pretty.

Ok. Time for dinner and some TV. Sons of Anarchy. That show has majorly cut into my glass time.


~ by kellig on October 17, 2011.

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