DONE!! ArtWalk, here we come

Huge sigh of relief. Everything I wanted to get done for the show, is now done. Was done a week ago. Didn’t get photos of Northern Lights v2 until today though. With the light changing with the seasons, my side porch photo studio isn’t very good anymore. The sun is lower, it seems, and the porch doesn’t light up as much. Haven’t been able to fully illuminate the piece.

I heard noises out front this a.m., and went to investigate. It was my drunken neighbor/gardener trimming my honeysuckle and pulling weeds out of my poor munched-on-by-evil-snails dichondra lawn. And lo-and-behold beautiful bright light was streaming in the front window. I ran and grabbed the piece and hung it. Ran and grabbed the camera. took a shot. the light was already moving and being blocked by the trees out front, plus the trees out front and the garbag e cans and the crazy collection of people with no teeth who gather around my druncken gardener were all interfereing with the shot.

Thinking hard, I remembered that i had a long piece of white butcher paper that I couldn’t quite throw away. it was white. and unblemished. I thought i would be able to find a use for it at some point. and I did. running outside with paper and scotch tape in hand, i taped the paper over the window. my gardener said “hey man, i don’t look in windows…” i had to laugh. i explained what i was doing and ran back inside. All t his in my pjs, bathrobe and slippers, mind you.

totally worth it.

LOve it. its a little different from v1, and I love it. I can let it go though.

Fish Windsock #2. the belly didn’t get great illumination, to dense, and the photo with flash looked horrible, so you are just gonna have to settle for this photo.

 since i finished a week early, i was ambitious, and started another fish windsock. i might get it done in time. and i still have to clean up a couple pieces. Ganesha, the original fish windsock, the morning glory window.

A list of what will  be at the show:

1. Ganesha

2. Sun Flower

3. Hawaiian Fling

4. Jellyfish (pete brought this back last week, yeah!! thank you!)

5. Northern Lights v2

6. Angel’s Trumpet & Hummingbirds

7. Lola’s Tulip

8. Red Lotus

9. Morning Glorys

10. Fish Windsock times 3 (i hope. at least two)

on loan, and also being displayed:

a. Honu, Michelle’s Turtle

b. Plumeria & Butterfly

wow. that’s 14 pieces. that is fantastic!! God, I hope people show up.


~ by kellig on October 31, 2011.

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