the rush to xmas

i’m not terribly disappointed that I have only one lonely commission for xmas. I am just a little burnt out on glass theses days. doing a diver’s piece. once again, it was supposed to be simple, and i went overboard (pardon the pun, lol). I have until the 16th to complete it, and honestly, i have no idea how I will make the deadline. I just started grinding tonight. getting the complicated pieces done first, the ones that need the ring saw. tomorrow night i will attempt all the tiny pieces. and there is quite a few of those. why, oh why, do i do this to myself?

maybe, as a treat, first thing in the new year, i will make the lampshades for the reading lights next to my bed. a nice, simple box shade. nothing fancy, nothing at an angle, no complicated angles or patterns. simple box. that sounds nice.

i’ll take a photo tomorrow and post. not right now. time for grub, a fire in the fireplace, and a movie.


~ by kellig on November 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “the rush to xmas”

  1. What kind of pesky person would have you do such a complicated project! I’d just tell them to forget it, unless by chance they could give you a nice back rub or something to help ease the stress. Then I might consider finishing. And rent Crazy Stupid Love. Really good movie

    • dani,
      it’s my own fault, really. i couldn’t just do a simple piece with the diver and the turtle. i had to add fish and then kelp and then… it got bigger, and more complicated, lol. i need to learn to edit myself. a backrub would be nice!
      which one is crazy stupid love? is that the depressing one about doomed love? with that gosling guy? and health ledgers baby mama?

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