out of sight, out of mind


after my last post, I realized that I had never writen up the post-ArtWalk blog. So here goes:

thats a huge photo, lol. the smaller size wasn’t working. It took a very long time to get everything ready. it took a vry long time to do all the hanging. god. forever.

lighting was defintiely an issue. it was better once it was dark, but still not ideal. somehow,  need to figure out how to spotlight each piece with direct light. gah.Have a good turn out, the first folks arrived not to long past 5pm, the official start time, and I had a steady stream of folks up until about 7:30. had a little lull at that time and one of my helper ladies went up to the corner and brought a group down, and that seemed to jump start the process again. it got quiet around 8:30, had only c few tricklers after that, and at 9pm I shut it down.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I figured that i would  be talking work most of the night. if i had made that bet, i would have lost, lol. people wanted to talk about the glass, mostly, which was lovely. Ganesha received much adoration, which I am sure he appreciated. the Hummingbird piece was also a popular one (note to self: hummingbird pieces for next year), and the Hawaiian Fling whale also had several fans.

Didn’t sell a single piece, which surprised me, and was very disappointing, to say the least.

Overall though, I would say it was a success. I had about 80 people through the space, and definitely saw an increase in spa business afterward. and that was the purpose of the event, to bring in new clients to the spa. getting the word out in regards to my glass work was strictly a bonus. I did learn a few things, and i will do several things differently  next year, but nothing major. I will do smaller pieces. Things I can easily transport and hang. I will have more lighting outside so my place is visible. It really is off teh beaten path, and was hard to find in the dark.

The buffalo chili was a gigantic hit, as were my helper ladies. Thank you Sarah, Dawm, Joy and Pam. And an espcially huge thank you to my Wine Chick, Anita for her tireless efforts and all the belly laughs. It was a really good night.


~ by kellig on December 6, 2011.

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