cancelled appointment = opprotunity

I am working glass like a crazed person. a tired crazed person. there is a lesson here. i think i have learned it. time management. crucial.

i had an appointment at work, a three hour block of time, for some permanent makeup. she called about an hour ago and cancelled. said she had a sore throat. normally, this would piss me off. three hours!! that is a huge block of time.

this time however, i am delighted. the 3 hour block is connected to my lunch hour, so that mean its four hours really. i am going to race home and work on glass. this means that i might actually get this piece done tonight. atthe very least, i can get it soldered and patina’ed. i was going to forego the patina, because of time.  but NOW i can do it all!

yeah for doing it all!


~ by kellig on December 15, 2011.

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