Coming soon

Taking a break in January. I have sent off my temp regulator to be checked out by the wizards at Hakko. Hopefully it is something that is a relatively easy, and low cost, fix. Please. The tips I ordered turned out to not fit. wtf? I typed in the model number and bought the tips that came up as a result… but they weren’t correct, and the company took them back, without a fuss, so that was great.

I’m going to concentrate on some patterns. I will be offering some of my patterns up on, for sale. Ganesha for sure, probably the sea life I just did, and the whale. I want to draw some stuff, some Buddha pieces and smaller hummingbird windows. Very enthused about that. Please look for the patterns there. once i get them up, I’ll post a link.

Wishing everyone a very merry christmas, and a joyful new year.

smooches, glasswench


~ by kellig on December 24, 2011.

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  1. Any chance you could tell me where you got the Fish Windsock pattern? I’m a bit of a beginner and my brother wants me to make him a fish. Fell in love with this one. Any help is appreciated.

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