how did you find me?

i have another blog, and it has been located by other bloggers, and now i have this neat little community of bloggers that i interact with. and it gave me th idea, perhaps not shockingly, to search out other glass bloggers and maybe create a community that way too.

first of all, i had a heck of a time finding a search button on wordpress… crazy. you would think that it would be very very prominent. when i finally found one, and did the search, it comes up with 93, 874 posts contain the words “stained glass”. I go through them and hit the next button, and a new page comes up and it says “zero” results.

wth? (trying to cut down on my swearing. did you notice the h, instead of the f? lol)

I was less than impressed with the 10 blogs that were listed. none were more recent than 2010. half did not have photos. very uninteresting posts. i will have to take that into consideration as I post. this might be an uninteresting post.

I then did a search for stained glass art and had a little bit better luck.

my question is how did you find this blog, dear readers?


~ by kellig on April 6, 2012.

5 Responses to “how did you find me?”

  1. I found it from FB and J. I like reading it. I’m glass blowing artist but it is great to hear about other ways to use the material. best, Jen

  2. hey there Kelli – I found your blog by looking for stained glass images for pattern ideas. I think specifically i found your Buddha and Lotus posting and have been a fan ever since – Brian

    • i’m working on a new buddha piece. drawing it now. hope to have it up in a month or so.

  3. I saw your wave lamp shade during a google image search, which brought me to your blog a few months ago. Just now going through your old posts

    • yay!! glad you found me. It is always a bit of a shocker when i see my stuff on google, lol. but that is the way of the world now.

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