Getting going again

Been working the glass, finally. I have the repair of the coven piece mostly done. Another lesson, lol. Nothing is ever as easy as I think hope it will be. It wasn’t as simple as just reprinting the pattern and drawing a frame around it and figuring out where the breaks would be. There is a thing i am calling spread which  needs to be taken into consideration. No matter how careful or perfect your piece is, is will grow when you solder it. It just does. It becomes slightly bigger. So if you use the same pattern, you will have some gaps to deal with. That was an unfortunate thing to realize. but, i made it work.

I have a tentative commission for another underwater piece. I will be honest here…I’m totally burned out on the underwater scenes. I was having a ton of trouble getting in the mood to draw this one. I have been working up to it, psyching myself out for it, all week. Got most of the ground work done, the finding of elements, scanning, re-sizing, printing… then taping it all up on the window to see how it plays out. I am pretty pleased with it. i don’t have all of it done, but will before I go to bed tonight. Or at least 90% of it.


I needed to take a break for bit so I am out back, sitting on my lounge chair, typing, listening to the birds eat birdseed. They are very loud. Woodpecker is in a tree nearby. The sun is setting, and the sky is shot thorugh with pink and peach. its quite lovely. Last week i was putting plants in and shifted the position of my lounge chair, so it faced the west. I sat in it later, to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book, and noticed the gorgeous sun set. i felt like a dolt, lol, for not realizing the potential before. But luck to have discovered it now.

I was in Lowe’s last weekend and happened on some interesting lampshades. I think I am going to try these for my bedroom. Simple, quick, easy. Or so I think, right?


It is even already in the colors of my bedroom, lol. 

Feeling the itch to get back to the drawing, so going to heed it. More soon.


~ by kellig on April 29, 2012.

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