deadline looming

one week. that is all the time I have left to finish Peace & Quiet, my latest underwater panel. Since I have been procrastinating like mad, I now have a scramble to finish. I spent pretty much all of yesterday foiling. I had gotten the coral and some of the sand foiled before yesterday, but the bulk of it needed to be done. So that is all I did yesterday. Foil. My elbow  was screaming when I woke up this AM at 6…

I’ll solder today. Supposed to be 104 today, so why not add to the heat, lol? If I get it totally soldered today, I can patina tuesday night. Wednesday is Farmer’s Market, so no working on glass (it’s supposed to be 108 on weds… joy. the henna is going to be melting all over the place.) that leaves thursday and Friday for polishing. Can’t work on it Saturday, cuz I am picking up the sod that day and will probably lay it that night so I can water it and it can rest before the heat of the day. And pick up is Sunday.

That will be a change… I don’t know that I have ever had anyone come to my house to pick up their glass. I think I have delivered every piece. huh. Well, it will be super nice to have them come here.

had a little green guest the other day. a preying mantis. it was all over my budding dahlia but I left it alone. I’m pretty sure they only eat bugs, not flowers…

Several minutes after taking a few photos, I noticed Kia was very active, and scooting around the marguerite bush. I think she found the mantis, messed with it, and it got away and took refuge in the bush. I found it in the middle. the photo is a bit dark, it was coming on twilight and the flash obliterated him in the photo. he was very irritated with me and the flash.

they are so kung-fu bad-ass, don’t you think? i wonder if mantis season is beginning? I’ll have to check my walls at work. I usually end up with several living on my stucco.

OK. into the shower I go, then back to work on glass.



~ by kellig on July 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “deadline looming”

  1. I believe they eat insects and spiders, not flowers.

    The panel is coming along beautifully!

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