paperback windows

Did the Farmer’s Market last night, with the new windows. I am calling them paperback windows because they are the size of a paperback book. For full disclosure, they are copies of the work of M. Skip Vasquez. I was trolling etsy one night and stumbled on a book of hers, called Curliosity. It intrigued me, was affordable, so I purchased it. It arrived the day before I drove to the coast, so I took it with me to peruse on the beach. Honestly, it blew my mind. Gave me an entire path to follow.

I have been wanting to do some small things, things that aren’t crazy expensive, that I could have with me at Farmer’s Market, or the Art Walk Event in November. (which I need to begin planning for). these little windows fill that need, plus they use up scrap glass. I have tons of scrap glass, too big to just toss, but too small to really get any useful piece out of.

Anyway, here they are. photos are not great. one of these days, i will build that light box… met a guy who takes beautiful photos. he teaches a digital photo class and a software class. begins in December or January. going to take them so I can learn out to use my fancy camera.

anyway. windows.

LOVE the bottom edge on this one. the rolled, natural edge. I am going to be using these edges much more.

the sun was horrible at farmer’s market. i had a new space, a one-time space, on the main street. omg!! it was like being on the surface of the sun. terrible. If i get offered a washington street spot again, I am going to be prepared. horrible! traffic was definitely  better. had many more people asking about the spa services, esp the permanent cosmetics. yay!

ok, time for shower and work!


~ by kellig on August 9, 2012.

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  1. you should check your local public surplus. I just picked up a massive industrial light table for $40. you never know what you’ll find!

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