wave lampshade

got on a tear last night and did the majority of the soldering on the lampshade panels. It looks so bitchin’!!

I’ll Finish it up tonight. Been thinking about how to do it. Last time, I taped it on the outside. This time, I believe I will tape the inside and solder the outside first. I have a jig to hold the thing square, and a box of rice to set it in. So we will see. So excited!!


~ by kellig on August 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “wave lampshade”

  1. It looks just beautiful…you must be pleased 🙂

  2. Hi there, really enjoy your blog and your photos. Question about a lampshade – do you have a good source for the hardware needed for a home made lampshade? Or do you adapt lamps at home?

    • i bought a huge lot of stuff from a lady. one of the many boxes held everything one could possibly want to make a lampshade, except for the forms. any stained glass supply store, brick and mortor or online, will have what you need. i would recommend going to a local glass store, leafing through one of their lamp pattern books to se what it says. or just purchasing one outright. i would suggest you start with something really simple. 4 panels, simple design. i started with 6 panels and 6 angled inserts and it was hell. there is some finagling to get the brace in place and level, soldering on the inside seam, lining up edges and wrap around patterns…not my forte. i will do the second lampshade so I have the pair, but that will probably be my last lampshade. good luck.

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