Constructing the pyramids

I know everything would go so much smoother if I read the instructions. Just I don’t. So far so good.

Taped everything together, tack soldered the outer corners. Inserted the lamp strut thingy ( i love it when i can use the technical term for a part =), tack soldered it, then soldered the inside seams, and added more solder to the strut thingy seam. I kinda want to drop balls of solder along the edges, I like that look, but once I start, it will take forever and use up a ton of solder. Plus I am not 100% sure how to do it. I could always go to the hardware store and buy some chain and add that. But again, i think you have to tin it, and I have just never had any luck wit that. My tinning always turns out lumpy and discolored. No likey. So maybe I’ll just put a fat bead down the sides and be done with it. Anyway, it is coming along great!!!

so stoked!!!


~ by kellig on August 13, 2012.

One Response to “Constructing the pyramids”

  1. Kelli – It is looking really good so far i am impressed as always by your work


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