I’m having a little artist block. i want to do these small windows but I have an idea about painting on the glass on the inside pieces. but I am also wanting to do this buddha piece i have been drawing. i have the buddha piece mostly drawn out full-sized, but the piece of glass I want to use isn’t big enough for the background. and if i make it smaller… it looses its detail. and that is a full-sized piece. so I thought, well, I’ll use the cool background glass as the centerpiece for a small paperback window and draw buddha on it with glass paint… but I am not loving how that is turning out. maybe i need to change to the reclining buddha for this one. or make something different.

just finished the redo/repair of the dark coven piece. it is framed up in oak, and has a clear glass background of swirly glass. that should support it. used the framing material from Northern Hardwoods Frames, for the first time. It is certainly hard wood, lol. I had to glue and clamp that sucker four times before all 4 corners were joined and screwed. i also abandoned my cross-nailing technique. the wood was just to hard. so I inserted long screws horizontally. Oh, and if you order a frame from them, only order the copperfoil rabbet width if you are not putting any came around the outside edge. it will be an incredibly tight fit. I had to file down my corner solders almost flat. my bad, but I thought i would share that will you. I’ll hang it a bit later and take photos and put them up.


~ by kellig on August 26, 2012.

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