catching up on some things

I believe that I never posted a finished pic of the wave lampshade, so here it is:


The last couple Farmer’s Markets have been good for glass. I sold both Fish Windsock pieces. To the same lady, lol. She bought the one, told her husband about it (he is out on the fire-line here in NorCal, where we have had a fairly hard fire season so far. the poor guy hasn’t been home in a month.) and he said “buy the other one”. Yay!! I think I am going to need to do another…

the paperback windows aren’t getting enough comments…I think I might need to make them a smidge larger.

I had said that if I didn’t make $50 at this market, I wasn’t going to go back in Sept (there are 3 weeks left in the season), and not including the fish, I made $53. Plus, the lovely ladies from the historical society came over at the end last night, and offered me their space for the remainder of the markets. I currently am on a side street, not the main drag. Their space is towards the inside end of the main street and is in shade most of the market. Yay!! so I will relocate next week. See how that turns out.

Here is some of my other art, what I do at the Markets.

love the henna. so fun. ok. time to shower and head to work…


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  1. Your lamp looks fantastic, as do your henna tattoos. Just gorgeous

    • carola, thank you so much!! i’m super happy with all of it, as well, lol. being creative is such a high…

  2. What glass colors did you use for your wave lamp? It is really lovely. I always have a hard time picking out sea colors, they never look quite right and if I get one I like I can’t pick out a good one for a second for the the aqua/teal contrast.

    • hi denette, thanks for the compliment. the place i get a lot of my glass from doesn’t mark their sheets, so i will give it my best. the lighter color is a spectrum glass and this one actually has a sticker on it. it says 6023-83cc. that correlates to a listing in delphi glass’s current catalog, pg 110 pearl opal #L aqua lime: clear white aqua and lime. one side has a nubbly texture, the other is smooth. the darker teal is also spectrum, pg. 106 #L teal green and white translucent. if you do not have a delphi catalog, i would recommend that you go to the website and request one. they have a complete selection of most of the glass houses, uroboros, yough, wissmach, spectrum, kokomo etc. you cam easily locate colors and textures for sea colors. it is a great resource, whetehr you puchase from them or not. (plus, my Ganesha piece is on the back cover of the catalog, lol). good luck and send me a pic of your work, i love to look!

      • I went to Delphi and signed up to get their starter book. I will have to think if I want to pay for the full catalog. I may ask at my shop if they have one to look at it then could decide if I want to order it. It might help to see the different glasses and learn the difference. Selecting glass is really hard for me, I rely on having a good staff at the shop I go to. I have never been interested in making a lamp until a few days ago my husband suggested I make one or two to replace the lampshades in our living room that were needing to be replaced. For some reason the idea appealed to me and I have jumped into the lamp shade making idea. When I went searching for patterns and ideas google showed my your wave lamp. I really love the design. If you could see some of the panels and mosaics I have done you would see why. You must have some wicked sawing skills! I am envisioning a 6 panel lamp but would like the sides a little more upright than most of the sg shades you normally see, which are usually really tapered. I am thinking of using a 3 legged spider on the top, with each leg being 3 inches, so the top diameter would be 6 inches. I want the glass to stay light colored because we use them for living room light and reading. They have to stay functional, not just pretty. I just found a lampshade calculator so feel better about figuring out what sizes my panels need to be to get it to work with the spider. Anyway, thanks for the reply and I appreciate letting me know your glass choices. So your wave is just two blue/aquas with a white for the drops? It looks like more but just must be the difference in how you used it to emphasize the different colors within the glass.

      • delphi wants to charge you for the full catalog??!! that’s outrageous. goodness. i prefer picking my own glass out, as well. that’s half the fun, right? unless you are just buying the rainbow staples… its good to be able to get your eyeballs on it. you might check out a fb page, stained glass addicts. GREAT advice there, lots of different techniques, they have folders with all kinds of resources. and people are always willing to share their experiences on how to do stuff, or make suggestions that i would never have thought of. the wave lamp was my second lampshade attemmpt. the first one was fraught, and ended up not fitting the lamp, becasue the top neck was too narrow. learned alot from messing up that first lamp. with the wave i wanted a simple four panel. for the curly cuts i use a taurus ring saw. which i adore. as to color, yes, the water is the two teals, the curlique wave caps are some random scrap white i have, and the main body is a spectrum white opal. i use them as my reading lights in my bedroom. they are on a swing arm, and provide quite a bit of light. thanks for the follow. i look forward to seeing some ofyour stuff.

      • quickly, the numbers i gave you for the glass, are the manufacturers should be able to go to your local glass shop, or any internuts place and request those particular colors. you are not required to buy from delphi. saw you on SGA, welcome!!

      • I think I have my first lamp shade figured out. I am doing a trial shade with glass I had for another project. If this goes well then I can move on to my living room shades. I plan to use a 3 legged spider instead of a cap and think I have that part figured out too. I am keeping the design pretty simple to feature a cool glass that I had. Plus I am trying to figure out how to use as much of that glass as possible. The numbers you gave were very helpful to see what your glass looks like online and for when I go to the shop.

      • I am close to finishing my first panel lampshade, kind of a trial run with glass I already had for our office lamp. I went with a simple geometric design. It is going well enough that I would like to tackle the living room lamps. For one of them I would love to use your wave design if that would be alright. It would be for my own use and I only put pictures on my own facebook page, not any SG facebook pages or other public places. It would also be a 6 or 8 panel lamp and be a glass on glass overlay to avoid needing a saw and to avoid cut lines in the white. Would this be ok with you?

      • Yes. I appreciate your asking.

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      • YAY!!! Thanks. Almost done with my office shade. One seam is giving me a hard time so had to walk away to let it really cool down. Denette

      • I emailed you some pictures a few days ago, did you get them? Denette

        Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2013 20:24:06 +0000 To:

  3. Saw your wave lamp on Pinterest. Love it. I may have to make one. Thanks for the inspiration.

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