jumpstart activity

All of a sudden, there is glass activity! some is actual, some is inquiries, but activity is activity, and I am grateful for it. Did I mention on here that I finally sold the windsock fishies? If not, then consider it mentioned. At the Farmer’s Market that I was doing over the summer, to get my day-job biz name out there, a lady bought one of the fishies, then came back two weeks later and bought the second. Stoke!!

I had a random text last week from a client asking about doing a Tree of Life for a circular window in her house. When texted back and forth a few times, trying to work out a time for meeting and measuring, then she dropped off the face of the earth. A couple days later another client asked about a dog piece for her husband for christmas. Ironic, right? She has a shelty, so I said ok. She is supposed to get me a picture by the end of the month, but that is pretty much today, so dunno if that will happen.

One of the other vendors at the farmers market (too tired for caps and punctuation, sorry) asked if I would display/sell some of my pieces in her shop. I said ok, and started working on some small pieces to get to her. two days ago i worked on a client who loves my glass, so I thought I would bring the pieces to show her, since they were so small, and I need the validation that showing them to someone gives me. Just another way in which I miss my mom.

Ironically, this piece is small, 8×16, but the photo option on this website only allows for a thumbnail, this size or an even larger size…

So I brought this piece in and the teaser piece I posted a couple days ago. The client bought this piece and commissioned another, just like it but with different colors. Christmas gifts. Boom.

I want to amend this post to say that the above design, and the design seen in “teaser!” are copied form a book by m. skip vasquez, called curliosity. The original designs are hers, and she does beautiful work, and totally deserves credit for them.

crazy and fun, right?!


~ by kellig on September 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “jumpstart activity”

  1. beautiful and vibrant, I love it enough to steal the pattern! OK, I won’t, but I want to and I think it’s very steal-able 😉

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