December glass works

Last month I had a little sale on my remaining odds n ends of glass. I have a short list of clients who have become friends, and I sent the email out to them, offering the pieces. They were snatched up in like 13 hours. Thirteen overnight hours. Very gratifying. So I immediately made a couple more. Small guys.

sun n moon

I like the idea of these small guys. They are fairly quick, and easy to do. And I like that, I like the quicker gratification. I think I will be working on small guys for a while.


Whoops, except for this one. I love this one. Sold it to Vancine, a favorite client. I will be doing a larger version for my kitchen window. I should have taken a better photo. (the whole photo issue i beginning to drive me insane). Each daisy is a different clear glass. Saw it on and copied it. (original found here).

Now that I am an orphan, Christmas is kinda sucky. I have no gift to open. And I realize that is a selfish thing, but its an honest feeling, so I am not ashamed of it. Mostly, i enjoy the lights and the good will. but on Christmas morning… its an incredibly lonely and desolate place to not be involved in any morning festivities.

So. I joined the Henna Con White Elephant Gift Exchange. Henna Con is the Convetin I attended in October, for henna design and application, at which I had such a lovely time. I joined the gift exchange so I will have a present to open. and I received my assignment for the gift I will give. It is Victoria Welch, one of the instructors, and someone I have a bit of a henna-crush on. She did this on my hand:

victoria welch on kelli graves

and i loved it!! So she is my giftee… and of course she is getting a piece of glass. the limit is supposed to be $20, and I would charge more than that for this, but whatever! It’s not the money, its the sentiment that counts. I should be done with it by Monday night, so I will post photos then.

ok, time to hit the shower and head to work for a day of making other people feel good. lol.


~ by kellig on December 8, 2012.

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