Purple Sunflower GEGE

Now that the Golden Elephant Gift Exchange has happened at my fam’s home, I can post on here what it was. And I am really really happy with it. (disclaimer: inspired by pieces in Curliosity, the book).

GEGE 2012 purple sunflower


LOVE THIS!! love it love it love it. which is good, because I just took two more orders for  it. well, the small version. This one went to my lovely cousin P, who was so enamored of it in its drawn stage, and who has always been so enthusiastic about my glass in general. I am so glad that she just happened to pick my gift <wink>.

Still having those photo issues. Took a bunch of pix of this, and I thought they looked great on the camera, but when I downloaded them, they were yellow. F*ing bulb. I signed up for a photography class at the parks & rec dept in RB. He said he was going to spend a good amount of time on lighting. It is actually a class specifically for dSLRs. which is good, because I don’t even use my dSLR… which is a sad sad thing. To have spent all that money on it and never ever use it. ok, once in a blue moon I use it. Its a 10 week class, so not too long. here’s hoping I get somethign out of it, lol.

The wire work is looking good, right?!


~ by kellig on December 31, 2012.

One Response to “Purple Sunflower GEGE”

  1. hey there kelli – so how did you learn how to do the wire work? i have tried a little on a small scale and i get frustrated easily? any tips on tools / books to check out to figure it out? I think it looks great!

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