Beginning Buddha

New piece:

buddha piece


Going to try something different this time around. Less structured. Oh yeah. I wrote all this already. So I’ll just share the photos.

buddha and globs


Going to use glass globs. And big chunks of color in the background. I decided to tackle the globs first, because they would be the most tedious to grind and wrap. I find that the foil sticks much better if i grind a line around them. Took less time than I thought, but still… thank goodness for books on tape.

Foiled them tonight. Which is why I am posting this actually. My hands were cramped into claws by the time I was done, lol. Typing actually stretches them out, helps me limber them up. I’m going to go park my fanny on the couch in a few minutes and watch some Castle… but wanted to do this first.

glass globs


165 of the little bastards. I’m getting more and more excited about as I go along. Yay!!


~ by kellig on January 20, 2013.

6 Responses to “Beginning Buddha”

  1. Hi Kelli,

    I love this! I have taken refuge in The Triple Gem last month and became a Buddhist, I have taken stained glass classes for almost a year and would like to make a project to put in the altar room, can I purchase the pattern from you? According to the Dharma, one who paint or sculpt a Buddha image will receive merits to share with others; that;s why I would like to make this my next project. I saw two photos on the internet with this pattern, did you make both of them?


    • Thank you for the inquiry. Yes, I can sell you the pattern. It is $20 for two copies, mailed within the USA. I can send you an invoice via paypal. mail goes out on mondays.

      • That’s good news! But I am in Canada and I can pay for the postage and I do use PayPal. There’s another pattern that I like too and will let you know which one, you can then let me know the total. Thanks again, Clarisse

  2. Oh, I looked at the photos again, it’s the same one with different lights!

  3. I love this, is it still possible to buy this pattern?

    • it is. $20 for two copies folded, mailed flat within the the US. If you’d like them rolled in a tube, it’s $4 additional. email me at if you’d like to move forward. wordpress isn’t forwarding email reliably. thank you for your interest.

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