Lori’s Lotus

I have joined a group on Facebook, Stained Glass Addicts. The people on there are extremely welcoming, supportive and friendly. I asked for some advice on flux and soldering and cleaning and patina. Got a tone of advice. Some of which I used as I finished up this piece.

lori's lotus 1

A friend had posted a lovely photograph on her timeline on FB. And I do love those loti. I created a pattern and did the piece. It turned out well, though I have mixed feelings about it, lol. it isn’t exactly what I had hoped for. it is still great, but… it’s funny how the last several pieces have been such a mixed bag. I was very excited about the small dragonfly piece, and did the poppies as a throwaway kinda thing. I ended up really liking the poppies, but not the dragonfly so much. fickle wench, I guess.

Original photo that Lori’s Lotus is taken from.


and  photo of Poppies…

poppies final


~ by kellig on August 24, 2013.

6 Responses to “Lori’s Lotus”

  1. Love the poppies and the waterlily. Where can I get the poppy pattern?

    • i got it out of some hardback pattern book, when I first began glass. i have no clue what the title is…i’ll try to email it to you.

      • Thank you. Have you been doing stained glass for a long time? You are very accomplished.

      • since 2005. thank yo for the compliment, it is very much appreciated.

      • Did you take formal classes? You have some creative aspects that I have not seen offered on classes.

      • Not really. i took a really basic class at an adult ed. the instructor told us the very very basics, and cut us loose. i learned from going around to the others in the class and talking to them asking how they did each step. I took an intermediate class a couple years later, and all i remember from that is how to remove and replace a damaged piece. and to limit my small pieces, lol. everything else i picked up from reading books, or later, blogs, or experimenting.

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