November 2, caught up

I love that feeling of being caught up.  ArtWalk is over, and I a will start a new project tomorrow (a christmas commission) but for today… I am caught up.

Once again, the governing committee messed up my listing in event guide. It listed my art as Glasswrench studio, and didn’t list that I was pouring wine. The committee didn’t advertise very well either. The event posters were a plain brick red, no art, no color, no imagination. Really disappointing. I doubt that I will pay to participate, again.

I displayed Ganesh, Serenity Amidst Chaos (buddha), Dragonfly on Leaf, Sunflower and Northern lights, all from my own collection. Additionally, I showed Lori’s Lotus, Moonrise, Sunset, Daisies, Sun & Moon, a small dragonfly piece that has no name, Bee, and several crosses. The crosses I did to see how conforming to the regilious bent of the populace would reflect on sales. It didn’t really, lol. Sold one cross. Sold a couple other of the small pieces during the day, as I set up. Ganesh received much more attention that I had anticipated he would. I thought buddha would hog it all, but no.

Received a commission for Sunflowers. I have vacillated between selling the one I have, and making a new one. Last night I had decided to just sell the one I have, it would be totally ok to  let it go. I was considering how I could redo it, I had some cool ideas on how to change up the background, make it more intersting. This morning I have changed my mind. sigh. not sure what to do. if I didn’t like it so dang much, it wouldn’t  matter, but I do. It hangs i the western window of my LR, and there are times when I just sit and view it, with the light blazing in and all the colors and details in the glass are glowing…

Here are two pieces that I did for the event. I totally stole these pattern ideas from another artist. I admit, it. I am most likely going to keep them, so it isn’t really an issue. Or perhaps I am only justifying the theft.

sunrise 2 bright

I cannot decided whether this is a sunrise, or a sunset. I had called it both, alternately. The next piece is surely a Moonrise. The original piece had it over water, but I prefer the mountains, though I am not in love with the glass I used. I need to pick  up some additional hillside greens. I might even change it out.



I LOVE the glass of the moon, love the mottled aspect of it. Pics of the event at set up, with Carla, my lovely helper.

ready for the throngsartwalk 2013 3Ganesh



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