Happy New Year!

It has been a good year for glass. Lots of great pieces and new experiences were had. I’m going to be revamping my workspace over the next week, and then diving into some new abstract type pieces. Fingers-crossed they turn out well.

I want to thank the newbie followers who have migrated over from the FB page SGA. Delighted to have you. My aim is to be a more frequent poster on here, show more techniques, and experiment more. Suggestions and advice always welcome.

For tonight though, I am couch-bound. Over the previous two days I have pulled the carpet out of my living room, and replaced it with laminate flooring. Including moving all the furniture out and them in. Alone. So… I’m sore, and my hands and knees feel like hamburger. The scary part? Day two is supposed to be worse.

Last piece of 2013…

walker back lit


~ by kellig on January 1, 2014.

One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. This piece turned out great. And the edging on the curved top looks good too, after your struggles with it. Nice job. You made a great pattern and glass choices. I can’t imagine moving the furniture, removing the carpet and putting down new, all by yourself. Things can go so much easier with a second person. That is quite an accomplishment to get all that done. Hope you are recovered from the job.

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