Class time

Well, I have bitten the bullet and agreed to teach a beginning stained glass class at a local community art venue. It should be interesting. The venue itself is newly opened, right across the street from my day job, so the commute will be a breeze. Class starts 2/18, and will go for 6 weeks. I am crazy excited to do it, although with an undercurrent of anxiety. But whatever! lol.

I’ve begun a commish piece for a Valentine gift. Haven’t settled on a title yet. Full Moon Bonsai, Bonsai Moon… I think it will end up the latter, but we will see.

bonsai tree pattern

Was able to cut out all the pieces last night, and as soon as I finish this post and shower, I’ll begin the grind. Received the Aqua Flow device, and the Quick-Bit grinder bit, so will install those and see how they work. Looking forward to that. All reports from SGA, on the Aqua-Flow, are very complimentary.

oooh! Stopped by Makin Glass yesterday, to see if they had a piece of green Old Mississippi glass, for the tree. They didn’t have that,  but I did find a decent sized piece of that deep teal glass, that i have looked for the past several years. It isn’t made any more, the company that produced it has closed. Kim said someone came in  with supplies to sell and that chunk was in the batch. I told her that I would take whatever came in, in the future, that she didn’t want to keep for herself, anyway. Really stoked about that.

ok, kids, off to the shower…


~ by kellig on January 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “Class time”

  1. Wow, another beautiful pattern. How tricky was cutting the moon? I assume even with a saw that something like that would be hard. Congrats on finding a piece of glass you have been wanting and good luck with the class.

    • Denette, I can’t say the moon is hard, so much as painstaking. the saw makes it all so much easier. i just go very slow when i use my saw, like a grammy. i make sure I have an easily visible line to cut to, and off i go. i’ll take some photos and post… i just finished the moon pieces.

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